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Police officer

Sebastian is a 21 year old male dragon. He is a police officer, tasked with escorting the player during their stay in the Dragon World.


Sebastian has a strict work-face he wears on the clock. During his shifts, he's to the point and extremely stiff in his manners. He does what needs to be done, and adjusts incredibly fast to even drastic changes in circumstances. This is most likely why he was selected to escort the Player, although he himself claims to have been extremely nervous about it, as he values his reputation and that of the police force.

Off the clock, however, he quickly becomes more loose and shows signs of great arrogance. He even goes so far as to rub in any potential victories, and gloats about it. Even when he loses, he tries to play it off as not being his fault (or claiming he let the other win).


Sebastian is not a local, and also the newest cop on the block. Though he is the newest cop, he's been with the force for a few years. He's also quite close with Bryce, who he looks up to.


  • Sebastian was originally based on a Canadian stereotype early in development.